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March 2, 2016
The City of Deer Park and the Houston Forensic Science Center (HFSC) have reached an
agreement for HFSC to provide the Deer Park Police Department with forensic services.
The contract was signed by both parties in late February and takes effect immediately.
Under the fee-for-service agreement, HFSC will provide forensic services in nine
disciplines to Deer Park, including in evidence collection or crime scene investigation.
“It is an honor to provide the Deer Park Police Department with quality, timely forensic
services,” said Dr. Daniel Garner, HFSC’s CEO and president. “HFSC’s board expects
the corporation to be a regional agency and Deer Park is an important part of that
The Deer Park Police Department is the second agency outside of Houston to contract
for HFSC’s services. The San Jacinto County Commissioners entered into an agreement
in October with HFSC. Under that contract, HFSC provides services to the San Jacinto
County Sheriff’s Office.
The City of Houston created HFSC as a nonprofit, independent, local government
corporation. HFSC is overseen by a Board of Directors appointed by the Mayor of
Houston and confirmed by the Houston City Council. Its management structure is
designed to be responsive to a 2009 recommendation by the National Academy of
Sciences that called for crime laboratories to be independent of law enforcement and
prosecutorial branches of government.
Ramit Plushnick-Masti
Public Information Officer


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