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June 3, 2015
Ramit Plushnick-Masti
Public Information Officer
David Feldman, previously the Houston City Attorney, has been appointed to serve on
the Houston Forensic Science Center Board of Directors. Mr. Feldman was nominated
by Mayor Annise Parker and confirmed in May by City Council.
As City Attorney, Mr. Feldman was crucial to the formation of an independent forensic
agency in Houston. He worked with other attorneys in his department to create the
necessary contracts and documents to ensure that the operations would be truly
independent of law enforcement and politics while providing quality, efficient services
to the Houston Police Department and other agencies.
“David Feldman’s archival knowledge about the creation of HFSC coupled with his
vast legal experience will be a major asset to the Board of Directors and the Center’s
operations,” said Daniel Garner, HFSC’s CEO and President.
Mr. Feldman, who has been a partner in several law firms, is currently a partner in
Feldman & Feldman, which specializes in municipal law, labor and civil rights among
other things.
On April 3, 2014, the Houston Forensic Science Center took over operation of the
Houston Police Department Crime Lab, Crime Scene Unit and parts of its Identification
HFSC is overseen by a Board of Directors appointed by the Mayor of Houston and
approved by the Houston City Council.
HFSC currently operates in eight forensic disciplines.
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