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April 22, 2015
Ramit Plushnick-Masti
Public Information Officer
The Houston Forensic Science Center has leased more than 27,000 square feet of
downtown office space as it seeks to provide its employees with facilities that will allow
them to do their jobs comfortably and efficiently. The facilities at 1301 Fannin are part of
the independent corporation’s plan to eventually move completely out of the Houston
Police Department’s headquarters at 1200 Travis. At this time the corporation’s Crime
Scene Unit and the Digital Forensic and Forensic Audio/Video Sections will move into
the 1301 Fannin space. A few administrative departments, including the Training
Division, will also be moving.
HFSC will begin moving these sections and departments to the new office space in the
coming months after completing minor renovations and installing an independent
security system. HFSC will pay about $4 million for the space during the 4-year life of
the contract.
HFSC, as announced in December, has also sought bids from qualified companies that
can do a thorough assessment of the corporation’s long-term needs so it can either build
or acquire lab space that will sufficiently house the eight forensic disciplines and any
additional operations HFSC takes on as it expands.
The Houston Forensic Science Center, Inc. has been managing since April 3, 2014 what
was formerly the Houston Police Department’s Crime Lab, Crime Scene Unit and parts
of its Identification Division.
HFSC is overseen by a board of directors appointed by the Mayor of Houston and
confirmed by the Houston City Council.
Further information regarding HFSC is available at
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